Into The Blue

    My favorite number is 7. So, today, I'm going to share 7 semi-rare facts about myself with you.
    1. I hate change, for me routine is a must, might make me boring, but I like things done in a certain way, every day. I hate to admit it, but whenever I do something impromptu, out of the norm, or simply put, spontaneously; I secretly like it.
    2. I always sleep on my right side.
    3. My magazine subscriptions always seem to run out just before my favorite: model, actress, or celebrity graces their cover.
    4. A day without my Mocha Café is a sad day indeed.
    5. I make lists for everything; what I need/want to buy, blogs to visit (all of yours) post it notes are my favorite creation. I also carry a composition notebook with me at all times for jotting down my ideas.
    6. I make muse board collages whenever I'm bored. Sometimes I dream of doing the same for a clothing company like Forever 21, American Apparel or Urban Outfitters in real life.
    7. I love to sing in private but in front of people I clam up.
    Aftershock Dress turned Top and bangle bracelets. DIY/ Vintage denim mini. Italian leather studded wedges.

    * The sequined dress/top is up for grabs on my SHOP now! ;) *

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