Flash in the Pan

    It's hard adjusting to a new way of life, new roads, restaurants, location and climate. I have noticed my taste in food changing as well, I find myself leaning more and more towards warm things like soups and Hot Cocoa and less of the fruity or salad infused options. New routines are also beginning to pop up, such as craving more books to read. At night, when it drops down to the low 40ยบ's all I want to do is crawl under the covers with a good book to read. Which brought to mind the last time I felt this way; when I was a little girl. I remember being taken to the library, back then (and still now) felt like being led to the Holy Grail. I'd spend hours perusing the Children's bookshelves for just the perfect reads. I feel young and alive again now, as I once did then.

    I'd like to ask you, what were some of your childhood favorites? And what are you reading now?

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Flash in the Pan

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