9 Facts of Life, my Life.. x Twice the Tags!

    I was tagged by two very special, very lovely ladies today. Cameron of Stardust and Sequins and Laura of Daisy Chain Dreams. And since I actually have some time to sit down and do them, I figured why not? They were both pretty fun to do too. I tag everyone and anyone who wants to take part. Have fun!

    Tag (#1)
    Cameron asked me to list 9 unknown facts that I could share about myself:
    1. Teen Wolf was my favorite movie as a kid. I watched it incessantly, according to my Mom.
    2. Johnny Quest, The Gummi Bears and The Smurfs were my favorite cartoons as a kid. To be honest, Johnny Quest was the only thing that would distract me enough as a toddler to actually eat the food I was being fed from my high chair.
    3. I still eat baby food, today, haha. They make for a delectable little snack in between meals. Especially the fruit blended ones. The "Apples, Pears and Bananas" one is a winner with me!
    4. I always develop crushes on guys who can either make me laugh or on ones that can sing really well. My latest crush is on the lead vocalist of A Cursive Memory (more so on his voice, he's too young for me! haha!)
    5. I miss Reading Rainbow. It was one of my favorite childhood programs, especially since I was such an avid reader (I still am.) I miss the show because the host used to read all of these really cool kids books out loud and show all of the illustrations on camera. It was fun.
    6. As a kid, and even now, I have this odd drive to collect tiny things (erasers, stickers, Polly pocket.)
    7. When I first wake up, I like to be alone. I'm usually grumpy for the first hour. I don't like to make eye contact or talk.
    8. My best "thinking" time of day, is actually late at night. It's when the best ideas come to me, almost in bursts of light.
    9. I love making sand castles. I can spend hours at the beach, lost in my own little world, doing just that. My specialty? Creating drip castles. Hahah!
    Tag (#2)
    Laura asked me to showcase my blogging "space" simple enough. Thanks, miss Laura. :)

    Photo for my Collage is from: The Fashion Spot.

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9 Facts of Life, my Life.. x Twice the Tags!

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