2012….on your doorstep

    Hello World
    My last post for 2011
    2011 has been a great challenge for me personally and professionally
    So if I have to summarize 2011 it would be

    Rocking & thrilling
    Met new people…learned so many things about human nature….
    I got confirmed in my job have been assigned to a new unit where had and still have so many challenges
    Sadness ….
    Learn so many bad news about my dear ones…especially when you witness the downfall of people you thought you knew…

    So for 2012 the do items on the resolution list will be:
    - Do my MBA
    - Find another job & quit for good the banking sector
    - Be more confident & extrovert
    - More time for my dear ones

    I also pray that in 2012 the world become a better place to live…less war…less violence…less hatred…
    less selfishness
    On this I wish you and your dearest ones a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012

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2012….on your doorstep

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