Fall is My Favorite

    The question I am most often asked as a fashion blogger is... Is blogging hard work? The hardest part for me would have to be figuring out what to write for every individual post. When I hit a roadblock, sometimes it's easiest to walk away for a minute and then come back to it.

    Since Prime time Television is back in full force, I thought I would talk about some shows from yesteryear I kinda miss.

    Saved by the Bell - Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski, enough said!
    Freaks and Geeks - Hilarity made out of the simplest situations. Halloween has to be my favorite.
    My So Called Life - Rayanne Graff and Erin Wasson would have been the best of buds. What with the nose piercing, tie-dye garb and mini braids. Angela Chase channeled the 90's girl who danced in her room to Silverchair and Nirvana in pajamas pretending to serenade Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan. I still relate to every character and story-line in that show.
    Clarissa Explains It All - Best friends climbing in and out of each others rooms via a ladder pre-Dawson's Creek and packed with semi teen angst.
    Are You Afraid of the Dark? Cheesy, yes. But still good...
    Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - A miniseries of short stories in which you had to decide if they were fact or fiction. At the end of the program the Host would reveal which were indeed true and which ones were completely farce.
    Blossom - M.C. Hammer harem pants exploding with floral prints, enormous hats and clever comedy.

    {Rampage Trench, Earnest Sewn jeans, gifted Timberland boots courtesy of Lucky}

    The last time I wore this Trench I actually combined it with these very same jeans seen here.

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Fall is My Favorite

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