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    Jacket, Jeans, bag and Heels Topshop | Ring, Necklace and T-Shirt Forever 21

    Natasha Poly was excited to finally have a day off. It had been a very long time since she remembered ever having an actual day off from work. She loved to model, she adored her job, but she also wanted a chance to breathe. She started her day by yawning her very largest yawn and pulling her oversize teddy bear closer to her chest. She closed her eyes again and let the warmth of the sun, trying to peek through the slatted French windows, graze her lovely face. As she lay in bed deciding how to spend her jovial day, she finally came up with a plan: she desperately wanted to get a full body massage at her favorite Spa, followed by a pedicure and manicure. She figured she’d have lunch at her favorite little Bistro, downtown. Natasha loved the croissants that came with the green salad there and the mocha café with mint chocolate candies they offered for dessert. Afterward, she’d shop for what she most hoped to find; the perfect crystal studded platform heels and a luxurious oversize (faux) fur coat. She needed just the perfect pieces. She would be attending a soirée over the weekend thrown by Karl Lagerfeld himself. She knew that both pieces would just have to elegantly complement her little black silk dress by Chanel. Before heading back home, she decided the perfect end to her perfect day would be to stop by the Old Cinema to catch a couple of Greta Garbo films. xx

    La Couturier and I challenged ourselves to create a Polyvore and Story combination about a runway model on her "day off" from work. What would she wear? What would she do?

    Thanks to La Couturier for coming up with the "theme" of choice. Read her story on Lily Donaldson's day off here.

    Source: WhoWhatWeardaily, the fashionspot

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Natasha Poly x Polyvore

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